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Month 3 in NYC

As November comes to a close, I find myself adjusting to city life more and each week. Three months have passed since relocating to NYC from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and they have been full of excitement and challenges.

I am happy to be embarking on several new performance and teaching opportunities, crossing paths with many wonderful musicians, educators, and creative people. I have also been able to reconnect with familiar faces, including performing more frequently with Gunsmoke.

Singing with Gunsmoke at Opry City Stage

I recently joined a wonderfully unique group, HOME PORT: an empowering world vocal trio project that delivers romantic, progressive compositions to the heart of humanity.

More news and music to share from HOME PORT soon, but in the meantime, you can listen to their beautiful music HERE.

Another highlight from the past three months was having the opportunity to attend the Richard Tucker Gala back in October! The performances and singers were fantastic, followed by a dinner at the Plaza. It was certainly a glamorous New York evening!

More to come soon!

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