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JJD Music is comprised of collaborators and writers Suzanne Jalbert Jones and Christina DeMaio. Jones & DeMaio met in 2009 while studying at New England Conservatory, where a lifelong friendship and musical partnership began. Nearly a decade later, their first full-length musical "BURDICK'S BOOKSTORE" was born, inspired by their work as music educators, the exceptional young artists they worked with, and their vibrant group of artistic friends and family. Jones and DeMaio have been commissioned by companies such as Iron Crow Theatre, and continue to compose theatre works. 

"BURDICK'S BOOKSTORE" introduces us to three seemingly ordinary students and their increasing desperation to discover what makes them special, amidst rising pressure to decide who they are. When inspiration appears - and later disappears - in the form of a mysterious book, the trio is challenged to share their own stories in their own way, at the risk of judgment, disapproval, and failure. With help from colorful characters in their small town, both the kids and their well-meaning adults must trust that who they are, and where they are on their journey, is enough.

The show had its first premiere as a staged reading on August 13th, 2022, featuring a special cast of Pine Street Players alumni and the integral direction of Lexi Meunier. 

Stay tuned for "BURDICK'S BOOKSTORE" updates!

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