what families are saying:



Christina has been the most wonderful voice teacher for my 11 year old daughter.  She is not only amazingly talented, but she is also caring and compassionate.  She has taken the time to get to know what my daughter enjoys singing and builds her lessons around that.  My daughter LOVES her so much and really enjoys singing with her both in-person and virtually.  She has made virtual lessons super fun and engaging, too.  I love that she adds in technical activities that are more like games.  She creates lessons with the whole child in mind and has been nothing but a positive influence and a ray of sunshine!!



Christina DeMaio Voice Studio is such a great place for lessons. Our son Michael has been taking lessons with Christina for about a year now and it’s been such a great experience for him. Michael truly looks forward to his weekly lessons with her and is always enthusiastic to share when he’s accomplished something new. He enjoys sharing his thoughts of music with her and very much values her opinion.  During these difficult and uncertain times, we were able to continue virtual lessons which have worked very well. Although at times it does take him a bit to move into this new “normal” during his lesson, Christina’s patience and kind words helps him move things along very nicely. We truly do appreciate her and her great talents and feel very fortunate to be a part of her studio family.



My daughter gained so much confidence working with Christina. When we started with Christina, my daughter had Selective Mutism which is an anxiety disorder characterized by an inability to speak to certain people in certain social situations. Christina made my daughter feel comfortable and confident enough to be able to sing when often she couldn’t speak. My daughter’s experience with Christina was pivotal in helping her overcome SM and giving her a love of music, singing, and creativity. She was even able to sign with Christina during a recital. And most importantly, my daughter had so much fun!

The relationship between singer and voice teacher is one that requires trust. From day one, I am asking my students to take steps- however big or small- out of their comfort zone and be willing to experiment, especially when it comes to making some- shall we say- colorful sounds!


At every lesson, we’re also taking steps on their vocal journey together. Sometimes we may get on an emotional roller coaster while doing a deep dive into a dramatic song. Sometimes we may burst out in laughter at ourselves while attempting to conquer a silly tongue twister. Some days we feel awesome, and some days, not so much. It all shows up in the voice, which is what makes our work as singers and storytellers so challenging, yet so rewarding. It’s with that trust that we learn to work through- and with- all of these colors together. 


Because most importantly, it’s a relationship between singer and singer. No matter where a student may be on their journey, I aim to not only meet them, but celebrate where they’re at! As a professional singer, and student of singing for 15 years now, I know that it’s all about the small victories, and if you listen closely, they’re happening during every lesson. It is my hope to create a lesson environment where we can relate to one another, singer-to-singer, as two collaborators both working and growing together.


What I love most about working with young singers is that every voice and every journey is different and ever-changing. I seek to serve as a positive guide for singers as they learn to discover and embrace what makes their own instrument unique. I make individualized plans before each student’s lesson, regularly assessing how I can best support, encourage, challenge, and connect with them and their voices. I delight in picking songs I think they’ll love, seeing how they respond to vocal breakthroughs, and just in hearing about the highlights of their week. The relationship I seek to have with my students and families goes beyond the weekly lesson, and goes beyond singing. It is truly a joy to be a part of their lives. 


During these uncertain times when it is not fully safe to sing together in person, the success of virtual lessons and the ability to maintain consistent singing time at home has brought a great deal of hope and comfort. My students have continued to progress and keep this essential outlet for music and creativity a vital part of their new routine. And as a former traveling teacher, this unexpected silver lining has made it possible for us to connect from anywhere!


While the process and specific goals will look a bit different for each student,

here are 5 things you can plan on when it comes to our lessons together:

  • We WILL prioritize long-term vocal health (#1!) treating our voice with care and (lots of) patience!


  • We WILL establish a musical foundation by incorporating music theory and aural skills into our routine. 


  • We WILL need a willingness to learn (from each other, that is!)


  • We WILL explore tools for effective storytelling through song. 


  • We WILL strive to keep the act of music-making and creative expression joyful, above all else. 


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