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Meet Christina: Voice Teacher Intro

Meet Christina: Voice Teacher Intro

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Christina has been the most wonderful voice teacher for my 11 year old daughter. She is not only amazingly talented, but she is also caring and compassionate. She has taken the time to get to know what my daughter enjoys singing and builds her lessons around that. My daughter LOVES her so much and really enjoys singing with her both in-person and virtually. She has made virtual lessons super fun and engaging, too. I love that she adds in technical activities that are more like games. She creates lessons with the whole child in mind and has been nothing but a positive influence and a ray of sunshine!! 

- KIM. M (NH)

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While the process and specific goals will look a bit different for each student, here are 5 things you can plan on when it comes to our lessons together:

We WILL prioritize long-term vocal health (#1!) treating our voice with care and (lots of) patience!


We WILL establish a musical foundation by incorporating basic music literacy skills into our routine.

We WILL need a willingness to learn (from each other, that is!)

We WILL explore tools for effective storytelling through the songs you love most.

We WILL strive to keep the act of music-making and creative expression joyful, above all else!

No matter where a student may be on their vocal journey, I aim to not only meet them, but celebrate where they’re at! As a professional singer and student of singing for over 15 years, I’ve learned that it’s all about the small steps and victories. If you listen closely, they’re happening during every lesson!

During our lessons, we might find ourselves on an emotional roller coaster while delving into a dramatic song. At times, we might burst into laughter as we tackle a tricky tongue twister.

Some days we feel awesome,

and some days, not so much.

It all shows up in the voice, which is what makes our work as singers and storytellers so challenging,

yet so rewarding. I hope to create a nurturing environment where we can trust and relate to one another - singer to singer.


I seek to serve as a positive, supportive guide

for singers as they learn to discover and

embrace what makes their own

instrument unique.

I tailor lessons to each individual student and am committed to discovering how I can best support, encourage, challenge, and connect with them and their voices.


The relationships I seek to have with my students and families goes beyond the weekly lesson and beyond singing. It is truly a joy to be a part of their lives and provide a supportive, creative outlet through the years (and even a global pandemic!)

Because our bodies are our instruments as singers,

students will learn how to treat singing as a

full-body athletic experience, training muscles

and developing healthy, sustainable vocal habits

that can begin or improve at any age!



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Poem Written By:  Willa S. Age 10


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